The new standard of cleanliness

The new standard of cleanliness

A new development in cleaning hospital beds and matrassses

Infection prevention is becoming ever more important in hospitals and the cleaning of beds and mattresses has an important role to play. The cleaner the bed, the smaller the chances of spreading micro-organisms.
The VMARC is a tailor-made solution for cleaning hospital beds, mattresses and medical aids such as wheelchairs, IV stands and equipment trolleys.

The automated cleaning process using precision robots is an innovative and sustainable solution that guarantees constant and controlled cleaning quality. Combined with a fully configured logistic process, this is what makes up the Clean Beds on Demand concept; a clean bed whenever you need it.

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IMS Innovations goes Switzerland!
IMS Innovations goes Switzerland!

Last week, IMS Innovations has visited Switzerland to speak with several hospitals that have shown interest in the VMARC.

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New video
New video

Please have a look at our latest movie on the VMARC, the fully automated solution for cleaning beds and matrasses in hospitals.

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The new standard for cleanliness

With the VMARC cleaning process, you can achieve significantly cleaner beds and mattresses than with any other cleaning method. Initial measurements show a reduction of at least 95% to 99% in the number of micro-organisms after cleaning.

Thorough and efficient

Using precision robots, the VMARC cleans all the components of the bed and mattress. The entire cleaning and drying process can be completed within 6 minutes. Our Clean Beds on Demand concept means you have a clean bed at your disposal whenever you need it.

Economical and sustainable

Thanks to the efficient cleaning and drying process, a minimum amount of energy, water and compressed air are used. As a result, consumption is far lower than for other mechanised solutions.
The use of chemicals is unnecessary because the water is filtered as part of the system. This gives you a low CO2 footprint.

Validated process

For accreditation purposes (NIAZ/JCI), this allows you to demonstrate that the process is assured. Because the VMARC always follows the same programme!

Safe and User-friendly

The physical burden on employees is significantly lower than with all other bed cleaning methods. Despite the innovative technical systems employed, the machine is very easy to use and operate.


Awareness about the importance of sustainability is increasing all the time. The CO2 footprint is the environmental measure for emissions of CO2 from the use of transport, the extraction of raw materials, the manufacture of the product, the use of resources during its lifespan, maintenance and the use to which it is put at the end of its lifespan. With the help of a footprint, it is easy to see where CO2 emissions can be reduced. Thanks to its efficient cleaning process and low consumption, the VMARC is capable of achieving a significant reduction in your CO2 footprint.

Average consumption* per wash
Depending on the programme selected: no addition of detergents or other chemicals required; average water consumption less than 15 litres per wash; power consumption less than 1.2 kWh per cycle; minimum quantity of compressed air consumed.

* Depending on the programme selected, consumption can fluctuate.



Electricity, 2 groups on panel board, 1 wall socket. Compressed air, Pressure regulator with valve, >= 6 bar, 1250 l per min. Water, Water supply >= Ø 22 mm, water discharge >= Ø 75 mm. Ventilation, System for supply and discharge of air, capacity: 1,000 m3. Data connection, Ethernet connection for remote control, UTP network connection.

Beds and mattresses, Max. dimensions of bed: 2,400 mm x 1,020 mm. Max. dimensions of mattress: 2,100 mm x 1,000 mm x 160 mm (lxwxh). Max. weight of mattress: 18 kg. The bed and mattress must be manufactured from materials able to withstand washing with water at a temperature of 65°.


Clean beds on demand

The VMARC represents a new standard of cleanliness and is the most important link for a validated clean bed. In order to always have a clean bed, on time, for your department and ultimately for the patient, hygienic transport to the room is also very important. That is Clean Beds on Demand: a combination of automated cleaning and the design of a logistic process that is complete, hygienic and delivers on time. We will provide you with a sound recommendation on how to organise this process. By training your employees or using staff specifically trained for the purpose, you ensure guaranteed clean beds for your patients. You can find more information at


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